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Based on the strong belief that diversity is an important contributor to vital and livable communities, Andover Community Trust has advocated for and developed six permanently affordable homes in Andover, including three homes built by students at Greater Lawrence Technical School. John Pearson, architect and ACT president, designed three of the homes.


ACT builds modest three-bedroom homes to meet the needs of eligible households whose income is between 60 and 80 percent of the area median income. Through an owner selection process, ACT gives preference to income-eligible, first-time homebuyer households who will fully occupy a three-bedroom home. The house is sold with a 99-year ground lease and resale formula to establish a purchase price to keep the home affordable, if the owner chooses to sell it in the future. 

Andover Community Trust
and Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity
join forces in creating affordable housing in Andover.


The Lupine Road project will:

1. Allow 6 families to purchase a home that they can afford. Eligible families will have total household income between $28,500-$71,900 (2018 limits) for a family of four.

2. The homes will be sold with a 99-year ground lease, which includes a resale formula to maintain affordability in perpetuity. ACT will retain ownership of the land as a community resource. 

3. Train students from the Greater Lawrence Technical School in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC skills.

4. Bring people together to build homes, community and support.

The combined ACT/Habitat Homeownership Project on Lupine Road is a request to the Town of Andover to build six units – two Habitat duplexes and one ACT duplex – as a 40B project. Habitat will build with volunteers, and ACT will build with Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS) students. The land is being purchased from South
Church. This unique collaboration – a first for both organizations – will result in permanently affordable homes for six deserving families. The permitting process for the project will begin this fall. When approved, construction by GLTS students and Habitat volunteers will begin in the fall of 2018, with completion and sale of the homes by summer 2018.

Andover Community Trust (ACT) is the only organization solely dedicated to providing affordable home ownership in Andover. Based on the strong belief that diversity is an important contributor to vital and livable communities, ACT increases the number of affordable units built in Andover, saves existing affordable units through re-sales, and offers high school students the opportunity for real-life work experiences through its partnership with GLTS.
Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity (MVHH) is a non-profit builder of affordable housing founded by concerned local citizens who came together as volunteers. As the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, the largest non-profit homebuilder in
the world, MVHH builds simple, affordable homes in partnership with people who need them. Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity strives to offer affordable homeownership opportunities within 22 communities in the Merrimack Valley, including Andover, MA.
In partnership with our local municipalities we focus on building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter for the families we serve.

The MVHH homes will be sold to households earning 30% - 60% AMI. The ACT homes will be sold to households earning 60% - 80% AMI.

Andover Community Trust purchased a lot on Haverhill Street from Highview, LLC in 2016. John Pearson, ACT president and architect, designed this permanently affordable three-bedroom home, which is being built by students from the Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS). This is the fourth ACT home built by GLTS. ACT, the architect and GLTS teachers will work together to maximize the educational opportunities for the students. The GLTS superintendent sees this ACT project as another positive opportunity for his students to work in Andover, demonstrate their skills and give back to the community.

2013 – Andover Street

Andover Community Trust purchased a half-acre lot on Andover Street from the Town of Andover at a tax title auction in 2010. John Pearson, ACT president and architect, designed this permanently affordable three-bedroom home, which was then built by students from the Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS). This is the third ACT home built by GLTS. GLTS recently installed solar panels for the homeowners, adding to the training that the student builders received on the project.

2012 - North Street

The North Street home was built by the developer of Northfield Commons on a lot purchased by ACT. This DHCD approved project is part of the Local Initiative Program and maintains the character of the entire community. ACT received a $165,000 HOME mortgage from the North Shore HOME Consortium through the Andover Affordable Housing Trust Fund to assist in the purchase and construction of the home. In addition, ACT received a $50,000 loan from the North Shore HOME Consortium (NSHC) competitive funds to assist in constructing this home.

2008 - Cheever Circle

Andover Community Trust completed its fourth permanently affordable home on Cheever Circle in August 2008. This 10,000-square-foot lot, consistent with the neighborhood, was the first building lot purchased by ACT. ACT received the support of the Andover Housing Partnership Committee and the Andover Board of Selectmen to build the modest three-bedroom home, designed by John Pearson of Margulies Perruzzi Architects and built by Kevin Smith of Smith Construction. This home received a 2009 Andover Preservation Award for Contextual Design and Construction in an Existing Neighborhood.

2007 - River Road

The home on River Road was donated to Andover Community Trust by the developer of Casco Crossing, Steve Stapinski and King Weinstein. As a condition of the approval of Casco Crossing, a 90-unit rental housing development, the Andover Zoning Board of Appeals required the developers to donate one of the three small homes originally on the site to a non-profit organization that would keep the home permanently affordable. The existing home was renovated with ACT replacing the roof, windows, siding, furnace and carpet. In addition, plumbing and electrical improvements were made. Volunteers painted the interior of the house, removed a dead tree and completed other necessary yard work. This home was purchased by a homeowner selected by ACT in 2007.

2006 - Heather Drive

The land for the Heather Drive home was donated in 1994 to Andover Community Trust by Dikris Kazanjian, a Raytheon employee who purchased the land when Raytheon moved to Andover in the 1960s. He offered to donate the lot to AVIS (Andover Village Improvement Society), but AVIS felt the lot was too small for their use and suggested he contact Andover Community Trust. After the Town approved the Rogers Brook sewer project in 2000, ACT applied for a comprehensive permit to build a single family home under the LIP (Local Initiative Project) program. Approvals were required and received from the Andover Housing Partnership Committee, Andover Board of Selectmen, Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development and Andover Zoning Board of Appeals, and a building permit was issued. The students from the Greater Lawrence Technical School, along with their instructors, completed the construction in October 2006.

 2002 - Haverhill Street

The land for the Haverhill Street home was donated by Bill Perkins, a local developer. The lot complied with Andover zoning and required only a building permit and utility connection permit for Town approval. The Town of Andover waived the building and utility connection fees, and it has continued to do so for all ACT homes to help keep the development cost of each home as low as possible. Spencer Johnson, a retired architect on the Andover Community Trust board of directors, designed the house. Students from the Greater Lawrence Technical School built the home, under the supervision of Bill Berard, GLTS construction coordinator. The owner of the apartments next door was very helpful, even allowing the school to connect temporarily to his electricity and water. Andover Community Trust’s first home was completed in 2002.

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